FACEBOOK CONTEST: Drift With Tengku Djan

You’re in the passenger seat of the coolest sportscar you have ever seen. The belt straps you in so tightly that you can hardly breathe and your heart pounds against your ribcage. Or could it be because you’re nervous and exhilarated, all at the same time? The view of the world outside zooms by so quickly that it has merged into a blur. How fast are you traveling? You venture a furtive glance at the speedometer, not wanting to show the dashing man behind the wheel that you’re anxious. It’s past the 200km/h mark.

The corner approaches. Suddenly, the driver accelerates instead of slowing down. For a fleeting moment, you wonder what you have gotten yourself into.

The tyres screams as they maneuver the corner, smoke billowing behind. The driver steadily guides the car into the slide, and just as smoothly, brings it out of the bend. It only lasted seconds, but it had played in slow motion in your mind. The rush of adrenaline has gripped you, and you want more. You feel like screaming out, “This is the best day of my life!”

It isn’t over yet. The next bend is approaching. You brace yourself, the nervousness gone. Only exhilaration.

Fancy yourself drifting with Malaysia’s Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan, and on top of that, winning a whole year’s supply of X-1R products for your car? Well, fantasy can become reality. Join X-1R’s Facebook Contest and you may be one of the lucky winners!

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