Explore the seas like Captain Nemo

More people have been on the moon than at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, believe it or not. The vast oceans on Earth are still largely unexplored territories, shrouded in mystery and filled with strange creatures and otherworldly formations. Now it has become just slightly easier for ordinary folks to explore the seas….well, that’s if you have 1.6 million US dollars to spare.

The Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II Personal Submarine looks like a plane and a submarine had mated and given birth to it. This two-person submersible has a a highly-efficient brushless DC thruster and a lithium-iron-phosphate battery system, letting it cruise at speeds of two to six knots, and it can dive to depths of up to about 120 metres.

The Super Falcon has a fly-by-wire flight control system and is controlled via a joystick by the pilot, who is comfortably seated in an adjustable carbon fibre seat, in an air-conditioned compartment, while looking at the integrated heads-up display with an artificial horizon. Not too shabby.


If you have a compelling curiosity about what lies beneath, visit their website to find out how to place an order. But you’d have to be a millionaire (or own a travel firm) to be able to afford one. Since there’s space enough for two adventurers…say, do you need a friend?

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