EVs Outsold Stick Shifts Last Year

Automologist MAC bids goodbye to the manual transmission. 

It has been an ongoing trend across the pond in Americaland for some time, but last year saw another downshift in the sales of manual transmission cars, with only 1.1 percent of all new vehicles being equipped with a stick shift (as our American cousins like to call them). To put this into perspective, EVs managed to grab a 1.6 percent market share over the same period.

There has been a slow shift away from manual cars globally for many a year now. When I was a kid, only girls drove automatics— hairy chested men took control of the car and told the engine manually which gear it should be in. Truth be told, it was more about the inadequacies of the automatic transmission than anything else. Early automatics were a bit like driving a hair-dryer. I still like to drive manual cars but both of my daily drivers are automatic. One of which has the incredible Porsche 7-speed dual-clutch PDK which frankly is sublime.

It is worth noting that even though things like the Tesla are starting to gain real traction now, they are still about as common as rocking horse poo on the highways and byways of American roads. Perhaps, though, there is another dynamic going on here as the conversation shifts to the scourge of distracted drivers. It is, of course, really, really difficult to send text messages or perform other functions with your phone if a foot and hand and a part of your brain are occupied shifting gear.

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