The Electric DeLorean Is Here!

It’s here. The electric car that no one knew they wanted until the DeLorean Motor Company(DMC), who now owns the trademark rights to use the DeLorean name and logo, announced that they will be producing the first DeLorean in 41 years since the DMC-12, and it would be electric. The DMC-12 of course was made famous in the Back to the Future movies or it would have otherwise faded into history for its lacklustre performance.

After the teasers that were released two months ago, DMC has now revealed full images of the DeLorean concept car.

Behold, the Alpha5…

Ah, so, in what is an anticlimax, especially for die-hard DeLorean fans, the Alpha5 pays very little homage to the DMC-12, except for its shared marque, gullwing doors and louvered rear window. DMC worked with the same design firm, Italdesign, that designed the original DeLorean, but it looks like they had started with an almost clean slate.

Another obvious difference, besides its new looks and electric platform, is that this new DeLorean has rear seats for two more people. There are no extra doors, though, as the gullwing doors stretch long enough to span both seats on each side.

Powered by a 100kWh battery instead of plutonium or lightning bolt, DMC claims that the Alpha5 gives over 300 miles in range on a single charge. It gets from 0 to 88mph in 4.35 seconds, and if you’re wondering why 88, that’s how fast the fictional DeLorean time machine had to be travelling at to initiate time travel.

The Alpha5 boasts a respectable drag coefficient of 0.23, a remarkable improvement over the DMC-12’s which was notorious for being one of the least aerodynamic cars ever made. Top speed is 155mph, which although isn’t bad, will not be winning the Alpha5 any titles. (In comparison, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S has a top speed of 162 mph.)


The e-DeLorean is slated to debut at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August 2022. But from initial online reactions, the Alpha5 has already been dismissed by many as “just another generic car” or met with lukewarm response. But hey, the original DMC-12 was nothing fantastic either and it took a movie trilogy for it to gain fame and following. So maybe, a movie remake is due and here’s the car for it…

(Please cast Tom Holland in it, thankyouverymuch:)

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