Ducati’s First Electric Bike…But Not Quite

It’s a Ducati scooter, but not a Ducati.

Everyone has been expecting an electric motorcycle from Ducati, especially after “the future is electric” statement from CEO Claudio Domenicali.

Since then, there were rumours of an electric-powered Streetfighter or Panigale or scooter or Hypermotard. Domenicali admitted to riding a Hypermotard equipped with a Zero FX electric powertrain, after all.



However, what we have seen so far are the MIG-RR electric mountain bike and an e-Scrambler. But both are electric-assisted bicycles licensed to Thok and Italwin.

Now, Ducati has an electric scooter thanks to a deal struck with Chinese electric scooter-maker, Vmoto.

Vmoto produces a line of electric scooters called Super Soco CUx. So, the Ducati scooters are actually the “high-end luxury product at a premium price” of the CUx. The bike features a Bosch 2700 W engine and 32 Ah, 60 V battery which offers a range of 60 km. The bike will be distributed in China, Europe and South America. The Ducati dealer in Australia was quick to differentiate it as a bike licensed to carry Ducati badges, rather than a meat-and-bones Ducati. Their actual statement was: “An electric scooter that wears Ducati’s colours, no more than that under a licensing agreement.” But rather than disparaging it, we think it is a good beginning for the Italian manufacturer in the electric revolution.

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