Dubai to be Patrolled by Driverless Police Cars

Acacus Technologies, a home-grown startup in Dubai, has just been commissioned to revamp the entire Dubai Police fleet so that the streets will be patrolled by driverless cars by 2020. The company specialises in developing autonomous vehicles, and was the first to develop and launch an autonomous prototype in the UAE with a road test in 2017. The company has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world, like Etihad Airways, Dubai Taxi Corporation, and DP World (a merger between Dubai Ports International and Dubai Ports Authority).

Founder and CEO of Acacus Technologies Talal Ben Halim and Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, commander-in-chief of Dubai Police.


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The company said it will install the self-driving functionality in the existing fleet of cars and other types of vehicles used by the Dubai Police. A source from the company told Gulf News that a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that covers the scope of work was signed a few weeks ago.

“We are proud to contribute in making Dubai the global hub of technological innovation,” said Rashid Ahmed Bin Rasheed, chairman of the board of Acacus Group.

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The Dubai Police has some of the most exotic cars in its lineup. The Aston Martin One-77, Porsche 918, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 650S, and Ferrari FF are just some of the cars its officers drive on a daily basis. It even has a Scorpion hoverbike  that can travel up to 44mph!

All these initiatives will definitely help elevate it into a smart city.

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