Did You Notice? Audi Redesigned Their LOGO

Automologist MAC noticed a bit later but earlier than you did…

Well, I didn’t notice the changes. I am sure that most of you out there did not either until now that I am pointing it out to you.

The new design of the iconic four rings is subtle, to say the least. The new version still has the same four rings in what really is the same geometry and spacing, but I am assured that the rather dour German brand has retained the same restrained design culture for the new design as they have historically applied to their car designs.

Audi has always believed that “Good design is less design.” Not my words. This is the philosophy as decreed by Audi’s head of design, Marc Lichte, as he communicated the need to revise the Audi corporate identity along with the company logo.

Lichte, in a short video on the company’s media site, spoke about the goals behind revising Audi’s corporate identity as well as the style of the emblem.


The Audi logo is quite a venerable brand. The four interlocked rings symbolise the merging (or Union) of four different car makers in 1932 which originally was known as Auto Union. Rebranded in 1965, AU became Audi and since then, no one seemed to think there was anything wrong with it.

The new logo replaces the famed chrome rings with white ones that have a black border, which apparently increases contrast so they are more visible at a distance. Customers will be given a choice of dark-coloured emblems with the white part being replaced by dark grey, which looks like gloss black (eh?).

The other big change is that the design now features a two-dimensional design so that the logo will look the same wherever it is found: on a car, on a badge or printed in a magazine.

But hey, if you are excited about this and want to rush down to your local Audi dealer to catch a glimpse of one in the flesh, don’t bother. The first use of the new emblem will only appear on the 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron.


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