David Hasselhoff’s Own Knight Rider Car Goes On The Auction Block

Image source: Live Auctioneers

Not long after the news that Knight Rider is going to get a movie comeback with Malaysian-born director, James Wan, the star of the original beloved 80s TV series, David Hasselhoff, puts his personal KITT on the auction block. Coincidence? We think not.

Rumour has it that there were 23 KITT cars made when filming the series and only six survived when the show was axed at the end of a four-year run; of these remaining six, a few went on to become theme park displays and the rest disappeared into private hands. It wasn’t public knowledge that one of these private hands was Hasselhoff’s who has quietly kept the car for over forty years until this news broke.

The auction description reveals that the 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is fully functioning, that is you can still drive it, and the Christmas lights that make up the dash still work and could trigger someone’s photosensitivity epilepsy (guess you shouldn’t bid on this if you have it).


Other than that, of course, this KITT won’t be able to talk to you in a soothing voice and doesn’t have the arsenal of weapons nor turbo boost that it demonstrated on screen. The cars of today have technologies that have met and surpassed the imagination of the creators of Knight Rider.

But if you are a car collector and have a huge chunk of change to spare, you could put in your bid. The original estimated price was between US$175,000 and US$300,000, and at the time of writing, the top bid is half a million. If you have the highest bid by 23rd January 2021, the Hoff will personally deliver the car to you (which he promised he would if the winning bid was 25% above the reserve) and that, we suppose, is part of what you’d be buying.

Image source: Live Auctioneers….seriously, guys, you need to get a better camera/photographer.
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