Cyberattack Shuts down Honda’s Global Network

A cyberattack on Monday evening on the HQ of Honda in Tokyo has caused the complete shutdown of all of Honda’s manufacturing plants worldwide.

In a statement, it would seem that some form of hack took place in the internal servers. Right now, there is scant information on what was actually taken or accessed, but it is generally thought that customer and employee information was left largely alone. What is probably more significant at this time is that the Honda system was so fragile, a fact that is especially troubling when you consider the ever-increasing connectivity of our cars.

Over in the Philippines we spoke with Honda Philippines and they confirmed that they also were experiencing some difficulty with a system problem since Monday. However rather that disrupt the throughput of vehicles for servicing they have adopted a manual system for the time being.

Production is now back online. Mostly, the attack closed down email and some other systems, including the QC function, and some plants in Ohio, Turkey, India and Brazil were still off-line on Wednesday. In Malaysia, the dealers have been told that they cannot access the central parts system and thus cannot service customer cars until the end of the week. At this time, though, we do not know if the two events are connected.

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