Corvette sinkhole to be filled in

Finally, after months of wrangling, America’s National Corvette Museum has agreed to a plan to fill the gaping sinkhole that opened up and swallowed eight of the prized cars back in February of this year. Earlier this year, CCTV images of eight classic Corvettes went viral on the internet as an underground cavern that had formed in the limestone that forms the bedrock in the area of Bowling Green, Kentucky collapsed to form a sinkhole that swallowed the cars as if they were toys.

Officials at the museum had considered leaving the hole in the floor of the display area and placing a couple of the crumpled cars inside of it, but safety and cost considerations ruled this out as a bad idea. Now work will begin this month to fill the hole and the museum anticipates that they will be back to normal by July 2015. For the meantime, exhibits will be moved to other areas of the museum.


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