Cool Christmas gifts for the Petrol Head

Our writer, MAC, decides this year to take his X’mas gifts into his own hands with an automotive-themed gift list. If he has been a good boy this year, maybe some of his wishes will come true.

The season of giving is rapidly upon us. For some of us, it seems to spark absolute panic on how to select the ideal gift so we go with the obvious: “Oh, Mac likes cars, therefore we will get him some car polish.” Well, yes, very nice, and I appreciate the thought, but I have another idea this year. How about I list down some of the items that I have come across this year that I believe will be hard for me to live without next year, and my generous friends can pick one or more from the list to give to me for Christmas. Good idea?

Pit Stop Furniture by Intro-Tech

Furniture inspired by the racetrack has to be a good thing. This chair incorporates a whole bunch of auto queues, not least of which is the rally-inspired bucket seat to the disc-brake mount and the gear stick height adjuster. Priced at US$599.99 I am sure someone will think I am worth it. 

Kinekt Design  Gear Ring

A patented design, this stylish ring is made from high quality stainless steel and features micro precision gears that actually turn when the outer rings are spun. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Speedo Wall Clock from Me and My Car 

Taken from an Austin Healey and presented by Me and My Car, a company that specialises in man cave items, it may confuse a few if you start to talk about 40 to 100 o’clock and therefore it is cool; it is also only 33 quid, so hurry and get me one…please.

Comet Fire Fighter Pedal Car from Me and My Car


Based on the Murray Comet Cars of the 1950’s, this is a top quality pedal car that would look great in my man cave but even better trashed by my two boys around the neighborhood; and at £200, I think me and my boys are worth it.

Tooned DVD from the Mclaren Shop

A DVD featuring all 12 episodes of the first series of Tooned which was genuinely brilliant and featured the vocal talents of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Children, parents and petrol heads alike will enjoy this one and at just £9.95, it has to be considered a snip.

Tag Heuer  Tote Bag, Leather Jacket, Crash Helmet 


If you haven’t spied any of these items in your local Tag Heuer shop, then take a moment and have a look. Made famous by Steve McQueen, they would make even me look stylish and cool; and I believe they really are quite affordable.

Persol  714SM Steve McQueen Sun Glasses

Even though the fashion icon Steve McQueen has been dead now for some 35 years, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down just yet. The glasses in question are billed as a modern take on the actor’s beloved Persol 714 that he wore in both the Getaway and Thomas Crown Affair – rebirth of cool, methinks.

Skully  AR-1

The Skully AR-1 was labeled as one of the Top 10 inventions of 2014 by CNN. What it does is to bring all of the mod-cons and expensive electronics that we expect in a car and load them into a helmet with a Heads Up Display (HUD). Equipped with a rear view camera that projects onto the visor, a Sat-nav system with turn by turn navigation and voice recognition software, the unit is not yet ready for shipping but anyone who wants to can give me an IOU until the time when they are.

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