Continental Tyre Malaysia Welcomes Back Live2Drive Team after Epic 8-Month Journey Across 30 Countries

(L-R): Terence Moses, Stephen Pang, Cameron Wilson, Cliften Nathaniel and Frederic Quaranta.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast who loves travelling on your own (in your own ride, that is) here’s a story of a group of pals who journeyed across 30 countries over 8 months! That’s one month shy of a baby being formed.

The team of Live2Drive literally ‘lives to drive’. Stephen Pang, Terence Moses, Cliften Nathaniel and husband-and-wife team of Udhaya and Monica travelled for more than 600 hours.

Continental Tyre Malaysia supplied the team with tyres for the three VW Kombis and one Beetle that made the journey, flagged off from Bangi in March last year.

The drive took the team north to China, further in to Mongolia, and then into Europe through the Trans Siberia highway. After 20,000 kilometres and upon arriving at the largest vintage Volkswagen show, the Hessisch Oldendorf Show, the vehicles were still using the same set of tyres. That speaks volumes about the quality of the brand (AND they travelled through icy roads, unpaved roads and trails).

“We are delighted to welcome the #Live2Drive team back to Malaysia and are proud of how the team managed to inspire those they meet as well as their contribution to the community along the way,” said CTM’s Managing Director Cameron Wilson. Also present during the press conference was Market Manager Frederic Quaranta.

The total travel distance was 52,000 kilometres. That’s driving 216 kilometres a day. Every. Day. And the Continental tyres stood the test.

Cliften Nathaniel had this to say: “Driving through what was a ‘cold summer’ in summer tyres was beyond my expectations. Cold summer is like driving up really high altitudes with cold temperatures, rough hard off-roads, as well as through snow and on some parts of icy roads.”

If you would like to know more about their travels, head onto their fb page :

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