Chevrolet’s Warranty Covers Track Use!

Wow! That’s great news to passion-filled race drivers! Wait a minute. Don’t get too excited. Turn your car back from the direction of the racetrack. It’s only for the Camaro Z/28, not all Chevrolet models!

Quick cooling down is one of the vital characteristics of a race car. It may have top notch suspension, tyres, brakes, aerodynamic design and so on, but overheating would greatly weaken its performance regardless.

Chevrolet focused their product improvement efforts on this aspect. The result is the Camaro Z/28, the ‘newborn’ of General Motors, a track-focused product composed of individual parts designed to eliminate heat.

Interestingly, the research team found that the front bowtie of the Chevy logo has been blocking airflow while driving, which impeded the cooling down effect tremendously. The solution was simple – they simply carved out the centre of the emblem leaving just its outline. The new logo is referred to as the Flowtie. With the Flowtie, the car can achieve increased airflow of three cubic meter per minute, significantly improving the car’s performance.

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