Car Wipers Are So Yesterday. Tesla Wants To Use LASERS Instead

When Tesla launched the polarising Cybertruck (you either hate it or love it), many critics pointed out the lack of what you might say are necessary features: oh, like side mirrors, turn signals and windshield wipers. Well, a new patent filed by Tesla and recently made public could be the missing puzzle piece for one of these deficiencies.

Tesla is calling the new tech: PULSED LASER CLEANING OF DEBRIS ACCUMULATED ON GLASS ARTICLES IN VEHICLES AND PHOTOVOLTAIC ASSEMBLIES. In other words, Tesla’s future cars might do away with windshield wipers and instead use lasers as a cleaning mechanism—yes, lasers

What’s wrong with a good ol’ pair of windshield wipers? The patent filing notes the shortcomings of conventional cleaning solutions, ie. longer cleaning and drying periods, and the damages they might cause to certain glass articles. Tesla will not be using lasers just to clean front and rear windshields; they will also use the same tech to provide contactless cleaning for lenses of safety cameras and solar panels.

The cleaning system could use sensors to detect debris on the surface of a particular region of glass and a laser beam pulsed onto it. Well, for those who are worried that the laser might penetrate the glass and burn the humans inside, the patent filing says that the exposure level of the laser beam can be calibrated to not penetrate past the thickness of the glass. Hmm…


There is no guarantee that any patent makes it to production, but for fans of the Cybertruck, adding lasers to an already sci-fi-battle-ready-looking truck just ups its coolness level by 100 percent. Besides, putting lasers in the hands of the ordinary folks…what could possibly go wrong?

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