BMW 325i Turned Into Mobile Bathtub!!

This is as crazy as it gets. Welcome to the wacky world of Colin Furze. This British bloke is mad enough to create anything that is well, MAD!

In case you haven’t heard, this insane yet entertaining chap is a Youtube personality, stuntman, inventor, fabricator, filmmaker and ex-plumber. Reportedly, the latter is where he gets his plumbing and engineering experience. From jet-powered bicycles and homemade hoverbikes to thermite launchers and fireworks “Deathstars , this fella has done it all and he won’t stop.

That’s why BMW turned to him to create what it is calling Mad Mod. The car is a 1989 325i convertible with all the electronics having been relocated under the hood and protected. The ignition, get this, is located where the windshield wipers are at! How mad is that?

It has grass on the sides and cabin space is protected so that it can hold water: 150 – 200 litres of water and it takes 40 minutes to fill. When it is filled, it also serves as a whirlpool.

“You have to drive carefully, because the car not only accelerates slower, but also needs a longer distance because of the additional weight,” he said.

The engine works as a heater for the water and a pair of leaf blowers were installed and mounted next to the rear top when it’s stowed. They serve to produce the bubbles in the hot tub.

Drainage, you ask? Well, he’s got that figured out: via two pipes, one on each side of the car’s underbody, which are camouflaged as exhaust pipes. Brilliant!

The seals of the doors were not replaced as they were so good even after almost 30 years.

The whole process took an amazing four weeks to complete. Only thing missing is a rubber ducky, eh?

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