Blackberry Enters the Autonomous Car Race

Image source: Wired.

Blackberry, that quaintly American phone company that actually came from Canada, is getting into the autonomous car market, after it purchased California-based security company, Cylance, for USD1.4 billion.

Once, Blackberry had a near stranglehold on the world of internet-capable phones. But as Apple’s intuitive smartphones became the weapon of choice, Blackberry has been striving to reinvent itself. It is now spreading its wings and declaring its interest in the future of mobility with the purchase of Cylance.

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Blackberry CEO John Chen has already claimed that there are a few segments in which the Blackberry Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software is being utilised, such as governments and healthcare, and autonomous cars are the next big deal. Blackberry owns a technology called QNX, with customers like Ford and Tata, to name a few, already using it; both of these companies have been working with Blackberry to develop more AI for autonomous cars.

In fact, there are about 120 million cars that are utilising QNX technology already, due to Blackberry’s deals with Nvidia Corp and Baidu. The technology is almost routinely used in infotainment systems, driver assistance tech and of course in-car security.

Cylance has about 3,500 customers, so the merger between the tech companies will give both greater access to what is threatening to be the next wave of human mobility.

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