Bizarre traffic laws around the world

Automologist, SU, shares her top 10 wacky traffic laws, found from the wide world of the web.

1. Do what you will.

It is quite the opposite in Germany where, according to the Daily Mail, you are allowed to drive in your birthday suit since your car is considered a private space.

2. No indecent exposure, please!

Let’s begin with our neighbour, Thailand. According to Yahoo, the lawmakers there require drivers – be it male or female driving any kind of car, bus or even tuk tuk – to keep their shirts on, regardless of how hot it is.

3. Swimsuit allowed, but with guns.

But in Kentucky, the women may wear a swimsuit while driving as long as they carry a weapon for self-defence or have two police officers accompanying them.

4. Keep it clean.

Next stop – Russia. If you’re too lazy to clean your car there but still drive it around, you will be fined up to US$55, regardless if the car is dirty on the outside or inside. This was first implemented to keep license plates visible during icy months, but this has proven to cause problems with some vehicle owners, since it is also illegal to clean their car anywhere outside of their home or at a car wash.

5. Drink (a lot) and drive.

In Costa Rica, you can consume alcohol and drive, as long as you don’t get drunk and your blood alcohol level is not above 0.75%. More than that will land you in jail. Like, seriously?

6. Duh.

It is illegal for people to drive while blindfolded – yup, you read it right – in Alabama, USA.

7. Drink NOTHING and drive.

And not just alcohol. In Cyprus, even if it’s just water or orange juice, drinking while driving will land you in trouble. If you’re thirsty, you must pull over before quenching your thirst.

8. No sharing of cooties.

BYOB in France. No, not the Bottle, but Bring Your Own Breathalyser. If you decide to jump behind the wheel right after having a drink, you are required to carry a breathalyser in your vehicle or motorcycle. Those who don’t have the kit is required to pay a fine of US$17, but enforcement has been delayed indefinitely.

9. Spare glasses.

Anyone who’s needs vision correcting glasses in order to drive must keep a spare in their vehicle at all times, just in case the other is missing. According to The Huffington Post, this is a nationwide law in Spain and it is up to the discretion of the arresting police officer if the driver deserves a ticket or not.

10. Lights on, always.

My list ends in Sweden where, according to NDTV Auto, you have to keep your car’s headlights on when driving, no matter what the weather is like or what time of day it is.

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