Best Car Seats For Your Child. Some Priced Less Than RM300 – Part 2

If you have not read part 1, click here: Top Five Car Seats, Ranked Internationally.


5. Nuna Pipa Icon – Caviar


We start with one of the priciest car seats favoured by Malaysian parents. It ranges from RM1,199 to RM1,399 but boasts world-class safety features. Despite its small size, it can bear a child that weighs up to 13kg and it has a stylish canopy to shield its occupant from the heat and glare of the sun. More impressively, it takes all of 5 seconds to install.

4. Sweet Cherry Oxford Carrier Car Seat


For those who have a tight budget, this is one of the cheapest options in the market, from RM149 to RM239. It has sufficient safety features, including 3-point safety harness and chest and buckle pad, and can also function as a carrier for your precious cargo.

3. Sweet Heart Paris CS28 Love Story Car Seat/Carrier


For parents who are looking for a multi-purpose car seat, this could be it: this model can be converted from a car seat to a carrier to a rocker. It is EU-approved and affordable, with prices starting from RM389.

2. Fisher Price Infant Car Seat


Which parent doesn’t know of Fisher Price? It is also popular Malaysian parents and the brand offers one of the best car seats in the market. However, this particular infant car seat is only for newborns and up to 15 months. But, it has a great safety system, including a 3-point seatbelt that is suitable for tiny humans. Priced between RM230 to RM430.

1. Sweet Heart Paris Car Seat with Shock Absorption


A comprehensive range of safety features, including shock absorption on the sides, and affordable price point, starting from RM389, got this car seat to the top of the list. It has a maximum weight capacity of 18kg and the cushion is removable for easy cleaning.

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