Bentley could have its own Electric Sports Car

Fans of silent British motoring can celebrate while Tesla can start to worry. Bentley could be developing a 500bhp ELECTRIC SPORTS CAR. CEO Wolfgang Durheimer says it is one of two options that the Crewe company is considering as its next offering, after the upcoming Bentayga SUV. Since customer response to the EXP 10 Speed 6 has been “phenomenal”, Bentley wants to build on its success with an electric version.

The British automaker is reportedly targeting a 310-miles for this e-sports car, which is comparable with Audi’s upcoming all-electric SUV. Audi already has plans to combat range anxiety by building public fast-charging stations for its vehicles. Bentley will only be on time to ride the wave (not create it) as its version of the electric sports car probably won’t arrive until around 2020 – that’s if they don’t decide to go with Option 2, which is a performance-enhanced version of the Bentayga.

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