Barrier-less Tolls Coming to Malaysia Soon

Just like Singapore…


So, as soon as January 2018, we could be zooming past tolls without stopping (and without breaking the law) with the help of a new RFID-based toll system to collect digital payments. Can we get a “Yaaass!”

We know at least one of our Automologists who would be popping champagne. Read his earlier rant here:


The Great Touch ‘n Go Swindle

Sin Chew Daily reports that it will be a thin, relatively inconspicuous tag that you could just stick on the windscreen. Got picture summore:

Sensors on the toll plaza would automatically deduct the toll fare from the pre-loaded amount. No more winding down the window to touch a card to a panel, no more bulky gadgets with batteries that have to be replaced, no more long queues at the toll plaza and no more tricky reversing at a malfunctioning toll booth with a row of other vehicles behind you. Along with this new system, there are plans to implement barrier-less toll booths, aka gateless gantry toll system. So, after years of complaining “Why can’t we have what Singapore has?”, Christmas is finally coming!

But don’t go throwing away your Touch ‘n Go card or curse that you’ve just bought a new SmartTAG (they’re expensive, aren’t they?!). You won’t see all toll plazas being fitted with this system overnight. Right now it is still being tested, and The Star reported that fire trucks and ambulances are already using the system; well, they don’t actually have to pay the toll fare, apparently, but since they’re on the way to SAVE LIVES, we think that’s fine. Full implementation of the new toll system won’t be completed until year 2020.

We don’t know yet how much the tag would cost, though. Even now, with just the Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG, you can clearly distinguish between the haves and have-nots when you come to a toll plaza (most people cannot spare the 127 ringgit and 20 cents to buy a SmartTAG). We’re not a political blog, but we certainly would want any improvement in public transportation be enjoyed by every Malaysian.

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