Avoid Future Transmission Problems: Use X-1R

Our vehicle’s transmission system is probably the part we give the least importance to and yet, it is easily one of the most expensive parts of our vehicle. Most experts say that the gearbox cost is higher than that of engine replacement.

If you are experiencing hesitant shifting, slow acceleration, reduced fuel mileage, fluid leaks, grinding and whirring sounds, slipping gears and dragging clutch, most likely you have a transmission about to break down completely.

To avoid these problems, use X-1R Transmission (Automatic or Manual) Treatment. X-1R is a NASA Certified Space Technology and Hall of Fame Awardee product, developed to withstand even the most difficult operating environments.

It is proven to reduce operating temperatures, prolong the life of your transmission fluids, extend the life of your gearboxes, give you a quieter and smoother shifting, reduce your seal deterioration, prevent oxidation and sludge build-up, improve your overall performance and is compatible with most transmission oils.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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