Automology turns TWO!

Come 28th August, it would have been two years since we posted our first article and, to be honest, we weren’t sure that we’d make it this far (or rather, long)…and yet, here we are!

When we first began – with the support of our sponsor X-1R who took a chance with us – we wanted to present all things automotive, but not just news and information that originated from the US, Europe or UK. Various emerging automotive markets and new technologies were coming from Asia and other parts of the world; so, from our headquarters in Malaysia, we scoured the world for interesting stories to bring to our readers.

Our writers are let loose to report on anything that they are passionate about, because we believe that if they find the subject interesting, you (our readers) would find it interesting too. Our team of people are diverse – of both genders, different ages and of varied interests. There’s MAC, Jack of all trades, MASTER OF ALL; LILY, who ponders on the latest happenings in the global automotive industry from a philosophical point of view; LING, whose interest is sporadic but when piqued, obsesses about the subject to an unhealthy degree; RICK, who sniffs out shiny new models and machines and brings worthy ones to our attention; EDE, who deftly links the greasy automotive world to pop culture; and SUE, who always finds interesting and useful information that we are better off for knowing. EUGYNE left us somewhere along the way to graze in another green pasture, and we hope he is enjoying the vegetation there.

Our most popular articles over the past few years have been quite varied. The articles Sludge Buster and One Simple Tip to Make Driving Cheaper are both informative and provide practical cost-effective tips, which is why they have been the most popular car care articles.

The highest viewed articles that feature videos, we’re slightly alarmed to note, involve destruction:-

1) Park WITHIN the line, or else…

2) Artist burns Rolls-Royce & calls it art

and 3) Smart vs Mercedes in Crash Test

Oddly, amongst all the new machines and models that we have talked about on Automology, the most popular one was not the fastest, sleekest, coolest nor the most expensive…but possibly the UGLIEST.

The eleMMent Palazzo.

Turns out that you readers are interested in inordinately expensive recreational vehicles that look like something only its designer could love. Revisit the article again: The eleMMent Palazzo: The New Standard For UGLY Motoring.

Perhaps the anticipation of a new Star Wars film has boosted interest in another widely read article in our Innovative category: Can the Hoverbike become a Reality?

This innovation that gives hope for the realisation of a quadcopter that could accommodate a rider drew the most attention of our readers. We’re excited about this one too! You can be sure we’ll be following its progress and will keep you updated.

Of course we keep doing what we do because you have continued to read what we write. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our readers come from all over Asia, and the US, UK and Australia as well. We’re also extremely pleased to find that we have amassed a great number of visitors from countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, which are new emerging markets where great potential is unleashing.

We’re also pleased to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary in conjunction with our sponsor, X-1R, surpassing more than 200,000 subscribers on their FB page. We embarked on this online journey together and have made great progress with each other’s support.

Have we said “THANK YOU!” for your support over the past two years? We promise to continue bringing you news and reviews from across the world that are worthy of your time. What’s that? Is that the popping of a champagne bottle? EXCUSE US…there is…UM…an important article we have to write. Ta ta!

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