Audi Offering In-Car Virtual Reality Turning Their Cars Into “Moving Theme Parks”

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Sometime in the last decade and with the advent of self-driving vehicles, the car became no longer just a means of transport from Point A to B, but also a space for entertainment, work and leisure, and that include karaoke. Audi is taking it further by introducing virtual and extended reality into some of their vehicles and turning the ride into “moving theme parks”.

The system is, to put it simply, a Bluetooth-enabled VR headset that lets the wearer immerse themselves in games, films or another world during the car ride. The content of the VR adjusts to the motion of the vehicle and route. Say, in the VR world, you are flying in a spaceship and in real life, the car turns left or right or accelerates; the spaceship would also veer left or right or speed up. So, it’s like having Universal Studios in your car, which is quite cool when you think about it like that.

The technology was created by Audi-backed company, Holoride, and they are describing it as “Elastic Content”, which we think is quite apt. They have not revealed what games or worlds will be available yet, but they are apparently working with a host of game and VR developers to create content for their system.

The company claims that the purpose of the system is not just for entertainment; the immersive experience apparently can help with motion sickness as well. And we’re quite sure it would keep the kids in the backseat happy and entertained (read: quiet) during long journeys.

Audi says that Holoride will be available starting June 2022 in select models with their MIB 3 infotainment system, including the A4, A6, A8, Q5 and e-tron GT. Initially, it will only be available in the German, UK and US markets before being released in other parts of the world.

While the Holoride startup was seeded by Audi, the software is open-source and available for other automakers to adapt for their own vehicles. Other brands they are working with include the likes of Mercedes, Porsche and Ford.

With this in our cars, we can definitely buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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