Aston Martin’s Stunning All-Electric Car Is Unleashed

If any automaker can make an electric car sexy and desirable, it would be Aston Martin, and it appears that the British already carmaker has.

The Rapide E has finally made its debut, four years after being announced, at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Based on the petrol-powered Rapide sedan, the exterior of the fully electric version is externally similar to its muse, except for blue accents on the brake callipers and headlights. And because an electric system doesn’t generate as much heat, it also has a honeycomb front grille and new venting.

A new underfloor design, larger rear diffuser and forged aluminium wheels, specially designed by Pirelli, adds an 8% improvement in aerodynamic slipperiness in the Rapide E over the combustion engine version.

Once you dive under the hood, though, the differences become apparent.

Where the V12 combustion engine, gearbox and fuel tank are in the Rapide S, there is the Rapide E’s battery system. The 800V, 65kWh battery powers two twin motors on the rear axle, capable of generating 450kW (equivalent to 600hp); this propels the 4,717-pound car from standstill to 62mph in under 4 seconds (slightly faster than the combustion Rapide which does it in 4.2), and 50 to 70mph in 1.5 seconds.

On a single charge, the Rapide E can travel up to 200 miles. With a high-speed charger, you can get a charging rate of 310 miles for each hour; on the more common 400V, you are apparently able to get 185 miles of range on an hour of charge. Still, no long distance car chase for anyone, especially you, Mr Bond.


Aston Martin will only make 155 of this at its new St Athan production facility, which is to become the carmaker’s EV centre. The Rapide E will cost over £250,000, a huge chunk of change more than the Rapide S, which starts from only(hah!) £149,500.

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