Are Night Driving Glasses Any Good?

Should you get this for safer nighttime driving? Automologist MAC gives us his two cents. 

If you use Facebook, you have probably seen the adverts for night driving glasses. My mates down the pub certainly have and, knowing that I am the fount of all automotive knowledge, have been bugging me about them for a while.

Driving at night is of course very different to driving during the day. Even in a city with good street lighting, those familiar daytime streets seem to take on an almost alien feel that can leave even the best of us confused. Worse still is in poorly lighted areas, where you can become dazzled by the glare of some twat’s oncoming car with LEDs on hi-beam, leaving you momentarily blinded.


So, where there is a need, there is a willing marketeer to sell you a product. And hence, anti-glare night driving glasses become available. Now, take note that we are not talking about night vision goggles here. Most of the glasses on offer seem to be yellow-tinted to boost contrast and are designed to filter the amount of blue light getting through, which is the part of the spectrum pretty close to UV. Many of the offerings I looked at also have an anti-glare coating or even are polarised to reduce the amount of glare and ‘halos’ that you may experience at night.

So, do they work? Well, some people swear by these glasses and of course the manufacturers and marketeers will tell you that they are proven to reduce glare and stop you from being dazzled. As far as I can see, though, there are not many believable nor independent scientific tests to be found on the subject. The yellow tint may well increase contrast; the polarisation may reduce glare and you may feel more confident when wearing them. But you will probably have to test them out for yourself to see if you can see the difference.


For my money, I would probably advise you to make sure your windscreen is squeaky clean first as that pesky unwanted glare can be magnified through a film of dirt or grease. Don’t forget: if it seems to good to believe, invariably it is.

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