Archilles Formula Drift Malaysia 2013

Yellow handfans (courtesy of X-1R) fluttered among the audience as they tried to cool themselves under the heat of the Malaysian sun (which later turned to rain) and as excitement gripped them when the race began.

X-1R’s spokesperson and one of the star drivers, Tengku Djan Ley (Malaysia), sped his way into the Semi Finals without breaking a sweat. Other crowd favourites, Daigo Saito (Japan) and Fredic Aasbo (Norway), failed to make their way into the quarterfinals, with Saito’s car hitting Tom Monkhouse’s (Australia) and Aasbo’s car experiencing technical issues.

Monkhouse managed to defeat Djan to secure the last place in the finals. Ken Gushi (USA) then outspeeds Djan to claim fourth place.

The emerging champion was ChatnatponKerdpiam (Thailand) for his maiden win.

In November, Formula Drift Asia will take place in Jakarta. Round 3!

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