Angry Brits use Hairdryers to Slow Speeding Drivers

In a small and usually sleepy seaside village of Hopeman in North Eastern Scotland, people have been battling with the scourge of speeding motorists. The problem had become so acute and in the face of apparent inaction by the local constabulary, local residents decided to take direct action themselves to make the towns streets safer. Equipped in Hi-Vis jackets and toting a hairdryer, local volunteers have taken turns standing by the side of the road mimicking a police speed trap.

According to a report carried on the BBC, the pretty seaside town of Hopeman has a long straight section of road that has proven almost irresistible to the local speed freaks. There have been reports of cars speeding through the village at speeds higher than 100kph, which of course does pose a threat to any pedestrians or slower moving traffic trying to occupy the same space at the same time.

A local politician, Dennis Slater, believes that the charade should make errant drivers think more about the speed they are travelling and hopes that this will keep the streets safer. A statement from the local constabulary seemed to echo Slaters remarks by restating the objective of Police Scotland to continually work towards safer roads. Got to love it.

This is how it is supposed to look. 
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