And the ‘Rear End of the Year’ Award Goes To……

Automologist and Porsche aficionado, MAC, likes this butt and he cannot lie. 

The pseudo soft-top Porsche oozing with retro-chic is making a comeback, and this particular Porsche boy couldn’t be happier. To put it simply, the new 992 Targa is for the 911-aficionado that likes some extra style with their substance.

Based on the new 992 platform, the styling is all new but with that distinctive hooped rear that looks much like the old one. The folding of the roof is still not fast, taking nineteen seconds, which is of course long enough to get a good soaking if you are caught in a sudden shower, but it can be done on the move. However, that huge clamshell hangs out over the back whilst you are doing this, so it is a good job that the parking sensors can go to work just in case you are in reverse mode whilst doing so.

Traditionally, Targas have been less of a driver’s car due to the increase in weight and this offering is about 40kg heavier than even the 911 Cabriolet, but forget all that—this one looks like it is going fast even when it is parked, and in the traffic jams around my hometown of Kuala Lumpur, you could say this is one 911 that is more about admiring than thrashing.

Porsche does not make slow cars, though. The new Targas are all four-wheel drive, which may seem overkill for a supposedly fair weather beastie, and the top-of-the-range 4S animal has been given 30bhp more and now has 444bhp on tap. This means you can go from a standing start to 100kph in about 3.6 seconds, which is faster than the ten-year-old turbo I was driving at the weekend could do it in.

The Targa will only come with an eight-speed PDK twin-clutch unless you are completely mental and want to go manual, which is probably not going to be a popular choice these days. If all of this is not enough for you, well then, if you want, you can spec up your 992 Targa and pay an extra wad of cash to get the heritage design version (pictured above) and for that you can get some snazzy extras like two-tone leather seats and corduroy trim. The heritage series is the first of four planned, so I will keep my eyes peeled for those as they arrive.

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