All You Want To Know About Space Is At Malaysia’s National Planetarium – And X-1R Is There Too!

Our sponsor X-1R and its products are many things to many people: for motorists, it’s cost-savings and improved performance; to the racing fraternity, it means winning; to business owners and corporations, higher ROIs; and for space exploration, advanced technology for the journey into the great unknown.

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Throughout the world, X-1R products are used by the everyday driver to industries, large and small. Originally a space technology, X-1R today sets the standard for day-to-day fuel-saving and performance for all types of mechanical applications.

X-1R is at the forefront of technology, so much so that its products has been tested and approved by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and has been used in the Space Shuttle programme since Apollo. Its products is so good that it was displayed in the Smithsonian Institute as part of the Space Shuttle Exhibition.

In Malaysia, these products are also found in Planetarium Negara (National Planetarium) which was opened on 7th February 1994, under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI).

X-1R products are displayed at the ‘Spin-Off’ section. Spinoff is a publication by NASA featuring technology that is available to the public. First published in 1976, it features on average 50 technologies each year in its annual publication. NASA distributes free copies to universities, inventors, media, and the general public, and many of these space technologies have found their way into our everyday lives.

The Planetarium Negara itself is a fully utilised 32 acres of land, with a picturesque blue-domed structure that sits atop a hill at Jalan Perdana, surrounded by the National Mosque, National Museum and Bird Park. It is the ideal place for young curiosity-driven minds.

Space exploration is fully explained at the Planetarium Negara, including all you wanted to know about astronauts, planets, new space discoveries as well as missions from the past, the future of space exploration, and how it serves our daily lives.

X-1R has plans for further collaboration with Planetarium Negara and will keep you updated on the latest developments. Do follow our sponsor’s Facebook page at : 

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Here are some of the other attractions you’ll find at Planetarium Negara:

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The Space Pod offers an immersive experience. 


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Space shuttle replica.


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Astronaut suits and what it takes to go to space.


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Rockets to take Man to the moon and beyond.


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Children will have a blast at the Planetarium.

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