AirAsia Launches E-Hailing Services With “A Different Culture”

Automologist ATHERTON reports on what Malaysia’s budget airline is up to now.  

As the airline industry continues to struggle, the AirAsia Group is as bold as ever, embarking on a new venture –
e-hailing. “Another one?” you may retort, but AirAsia’s head honcho, Tony Fernandes, promises it will be different from the rest. “Different culture, different cabin and more,” he says.

A sneak peek of a slew of Toyota Aplhards and Vellfires on his LinkedIn account suggests this will be the AirAsia e-hailing fleet.

On his social media account, he noted that AirAsia has “always been a delivery company, delivering (by plane) people to destinations the world over, [and is now] delivering food, packages, fintech products and even online education. ”

Its entry into a pandemic-stricken economy has many questions raised – whether it is the right business model for these times, can it sustain itself in the long run with competition from other established e-hailing services and so on.


However, their app,, already offers services such as food and grocery delivery, and even virtual idols. So, disrupting innovation is nothing new to them.

We’ll give Tony the thumbs up – after all, the guy has a knack for turning things around. Of course, there are some ventures that went down the gutter, but I’m sure he’ll put them down as learning experiences, albeit expensive ones. We’ll see how this one pans out.

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