Advertwowing: X-1R Enters China With A Wow!


Guest writer, LILY, recounts her experience of getting an X-1R product tested in China. What followed completely ‘wowed’ her.

I’m not talking about spending billions of dollars buying advertisement space and shoving the X-1R brand into people’s faces. Do not misunderstand – I do not mean that advertising is not good or ineffective. I have always admired the creativity that emerges from the advertising world, but there are other, perhaps more effective, ways to make an impact.

The X-1R Engine Treatment was recently tested in China, and the results showed a 9.9% improvement in fuel efficiency, 4.1% increase in power and a remarkable reduction in emissions pollution, with 33% reduction of CO and 50% reduction of NOx. A good report is great, but read on to find out what I mean by “impact” and “advertwowing”(a word that I invented), and how these relate to each other.

I’m sorry to say that China is infamous for counterfeiting and corruption, despite the country’s great efforts to clean up its act. Thus, I was concerned – we wanted independent testing, conducted according to standardised protocols, but we were in a culture that was used to paying to obtain good results. After learning about Professor Yang Le He’s background, however, my worries vanished.

Prof Yang is from Tianjing University and personally supervised the testing of the X-1R Engine Treatment. He is the University’s Director of the Fourth Research Institute of Internal Combustion Engine as well as the Director of Machinery Industry Engine Oil Inspection and Assessment Centre. Tianjing University is known to all auto parts, lubricants and additives players in the Chinese market as the authority on quality, thus it was important to get its stamp of approval if we wanted to enter the market. Prof Yang is a respected, established researcher known for his integrity, in China as well as outside of China; some of his research papers have been translated into English to cater to the wider audience.

I can still remember Prof Yang’s expression vividly as he announced the test results; I was amazed at Prof Yang’s amazement over the X-1R product and his expression as he looked over the X-1R bottle in his hand while repeating “this is a good product”. Prof Yang told me that he had tested many products and while all products claim to achieve wonders, many fall short when tested, but X-1R had lived up to its claims. Wow! This is impactful as this validation came from the mouth of someone who has been conducting tests over and over again since the 1990’s.

(To read more about the test, click here.)

Thus, I have entered a new word – advertwowing – into Lily’s Dictionary. ‘Advertising’ comes from the French root word ‘avertir’, meaning ‘to give public notice’. Advertwowing describes the scenario when Prof Yang was so impressed with the effectiveness of X-1R products, thus spreading the ‘WOW’ effect across to the public!

Advertwowing does not entail just sending out the following information: “X-1R Engine Treatment test report indicated X-1R Engine Treatment delivers 9.9% fuel efficiency, 4.1% increase of power and a remarkable reduction in emissions pollution with 33% reduction on CO and 50% reduction on NOx”. Advertwowing has an added impact, like Prof Yang acknowledging that the products are ‘WOW’, making the information suddenly leap off paper and into the audience’s mind.

X-1R has thusly entered China…with a great big WOW!


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