Advertisement + Celebrities = Good Match?

EUGYNE returns with another list of advertisements, this time featuring sexy celebs.

I have been in the Sales and Marketing industry for many years, and those of my profession always strive to be creative and unique, and concoct ideas that will be embraced by the public. Volvo’s ad with Jean-Claude Van Damme is a great example – it is so popular that numerous parodies have spawned. See this compilation of hilarious parodies:

We always wonder whether an ad PLUS a celebrity makes a good match. My opinion would be ‘yes’. Everyone is either directly or indirectly influenced by celebrities. A study published in The Journal of Pediatrics looked at more than 180 children and noticed that these kids ate more potato chips after looking at an ad that featured a prominent sports figure in England endorsing the product. So, celebrities can have a tremendous impact in influencing human behaviour.

But it is also very dependent on a good production team, concept and a series of pre and post production activities to ensure that it turns out well. Let’s see some of the well-made, well-liked ads featuring celebrities here:

Kate Upton With Mercedes-Benz

Kate Upton washes the new Mercedes-Benz. The ad was featured during Super Bowl 2013.

Catrinel Menghia With Fiat

Add a sexy girl to a car, the simplest and straightforward formula to attract attention.

Arianna ft Pitbull With Fiat

Pretty Arianna’s lovely voice on the track “Sexy People (All Around the World)”.

Meisa Kuroki With Subaru

Faith Dickey With Volvo

The Ballerina stunt – real live test!

Paris Hilton With ‘Car’

Not exactly a car ad but included in list as she is washing the car.

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