9 Fuel Saving Tips that will Keep Money in your Wallet

Paying a visit to the pump often leaves your wallet much flatter. That’s why you really need to remember these 9 tips to help you stretch the time between FULL and EMPTY.

1. Make fewer trips

A cold engine uses much more fuel in the first five miles to warm up. Combining all your daily errands into one longer trip is a good way to reduce fuel consumption. Or try to not drive out for trivial errands, like buying a newspaper.

Skip the rush hour to avoid traffic jam

2. Skip the rush hour

Every time you stop and start your car, it needs a huge injection of fuel to get moving again. Try to avoid rush hours and, therefore, skip traffic jams. If you tend to drive during peak hours, then you could consider buying a hybrid car, which is more efficient for city driving.

3. Close the windows

The shape of your car is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible to ensure optimum speed. Leaving the windows open when you’re moving fast increases drag and forces your car to burn more fuel to run at the same speed.

Not the most aerodynamic vehicle

4. Remove the roof rack or ski box

Same like the above, having additional fixtures on your car changes the car’s “shape” and increases drag. So, remove any roof racks or ski boxes from your car if they are not in use.

5. Remove unnecessary weight

People always leave things in their car or in the boot. Just like your body, a car needs more fuel to move if it is packing more weight. The heavier the item, the greater the effect it will have on your fuel consumption.

Step on it…smoothly

6. Accelerate smoothly

Your car is built to run at consistent speeds. Constant stops and starts as with city driving is really hard on your car’s engine. Keep your speed consistent and no sudden “pedal to the metal” antics, and you will get a better mileage.

7. Turn the air-conditioning off

Although air-conditioning is always needed where Automology is from, this wonderfully hot tropical country called Malaysia, it uses quite a bit of fuel, especially when you switch it on every time you drive. If you can, leave the air-con off when it is not hot.

Check your tyre pressure

8. Check your tyre pressure regularly

The lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel the car needs to move. We suggest that you check the tyres every fortnight. If you’re not sure what the pressure should be at, there is usually a tyre pressure guide sticker on the driver’s door frame or in the owner’s manual.

9. Healthy engine

Engine maintenance could cost a pretty penny, but a breakdown could cost even more. But might we suggest our sponsor X-1R’s performance enhancing lubricants, an affordable way to maintain a healthy engine. It keeps your engine well lubricated to eliminate friction and heat that could wear your engine off.

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