6-Year-Old Who Crashed Car in Langkawi, Malaysia Knew Exactly How To Drive

A six-year-old boy in Malaysia has become a viral sensation in the country after sneaking out with his three-year-old brother, stealing their dad’s car, making it halfway to their destination before crashing it.

Well, according to the young driver, he was merely “borrowing” the car to go to the shop that sold toy cars, which he loved. It was around 11pm when the young adventurers set off, unaware that the shop was probably closed by then. Dad was fast asleep while mum was in the bathroom. The store was around 5 kilometres away and the brothers made it 2 and a half kilometres in the car before crashing into a lamp post.

Upon further investigation, the authorities found that the boy fully understood how to operate the vehicle, knowing how the accelerator and even gear control worked. When asked to show the police, he was able to start the car engine and release the parking handbrake, and even knew how to reverse the vehicle. The car was a Toyota Vios.

The boy’s apparent skill was not taught by his parents, though. Their only fault, if one wanted to point fingers, is that they allowed him to watch…Youtube, which is where he claims to have learnt driving from.

However, some experts, real and of the armchair sort, have warned the public against letting their child play at driving by letting them pretend to manoeuvre the car’s steering wheel.

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