5 Questions to Ask Your Car Mechanic

Not every car mechanic is out to fleece you, but if you are not a “car person”, it would certainly make it easier. Here are five easy questions that you can ask your mechanic to: learn a bit more about your car, see if he/she takes the time to explain the problem (and solution) to you, and to help you to get to know your mechanic a little bit better.

1) Can you show me the problem and how you’re going to fix it?

You might be as familiar with the insides of your car as you are with the insides of your body (which is: not very). Even a doctor would show you the X-Ray/scan before cutting you up. If the problem is a physical (not electronic) one, then your mechanic should take the time to show you the faulty part/mechanism and explain why it is not working, and how it can be fixed.

You might not understand everything he/she tells you, but it shows that you take a deeper interest in the work done on your car and in your mechanic’s craft. Building a rapport with the person who services your car builds trust, and trust leads to a better job done.

2) What will happen if I don’t fix this?

Not all car problems are urgent or a break-down about to happen. A dirty air filter, say, won’t cause the car to spiral out of control (but will let dust and mites past through, though…). But worn-out brake pads or discs should be replaced immediately because not being able to safely slow down the two-tonne metal you are manoeuvring at high speeds is dangerous, to say the least. And this leads to the next question…

3) What is the order of importance?

Sometimes there are two, three or maybe five problems with your car. But we’re not all swimming in cash and can get them fixed all at once. Your mechanic should be able to advise you which to prioritise, and which can wait; which are must-dos and which are nice-to-haves.

4) How much?

Make it clear to your mechanic that you want to know the cost of the repair, including unexpected discoveries when he/she is working on your car, before he/she proceeds to do it. If there are new problems, question #2 applies.

5) Can you show me the spoiled part (if any)?

It doesn’t have to be said outright that you want actual proof of the work done. Just ask if you can have a look at the defective part, and it would also help you to understand what components make up your vehicle. The more you learn about your car, the easier it is to communicate with your mechanic in the future.

What other questions do you usually ask your mechanic? Give us YOUR tips as well.

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