5 Deadly Habits of Motorcyclists

We are creatures of habit and we have probably developed some from the time we began riding. Good habits, such as using the indicators every time we want to change lanes or turn into a road, will be appreciated greatly by all road users. But some habits impede our progress to becoming better riders and could be fatal too:

1. Being too emotional

Letting emotions get the best of us can have dire consequences. Yes, that driver who cut us off without signaling was wrong but retaliating to show our displeasure may result in getting knocked off our bikes. Keep in mind that motorcyclists are always at the losing end, regardless of which party was at fault. Additionally, that stress will manifest itself as hypertension or stress sooner or later. So, just let it go. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the ride.

2. Being impulsive

Some riders think everyone is out to race them or that they have to race with everyone. Or they just cannot control the urge to ride like a person possessed.

Bikes are fun but that fun must be enjoyed responsibly. Do not think you can just keep throwing your bike into every corner you see or blast through every gap there is. We need just one little mistake – by ourselves or a third party – to turn us into roadkill.

3. Being complacent

Statistics have shown that the majority of accidents occur in the vicinity of one’s home or on familiar routes compared to unfamiliar roads.

Unfortunately, a lot can and do happen when we get complacent on the road. A truck could have leaked fuel in your favourite corner. A road construction worker could have dug up a stretch of road and not cover it back up. Or an old clunker decided to shed some parts. The public road is a living environment that could change in seconds.


So, stay focused as soon as you ride out and all the way to your destination.

4. Not respecting traffic laws

While it is true that many road users break the law all the time — for example, so many motorcyclists run the red light in Malaysia that it would seem that we’d be breaking the law if we did not — responsible motorbike riders should refrain from doing so.

Traffic laws were designed to keep us safe, regardless of how inconvenient they may seem to be. Obey and live!

5. Unwilling to learn or improve

We should always be critical of our riding abilities in order to be better riders. Pros do it to win races. We, on the other hand, need to do it to stay alive while enjoying our way of life. And it does not matter what kind or size of bike we ride.

Improving our skills means we can be proactive and avoid trouble. Which would you prefer: Being able to avoid that car that pulled out of the intersection or being planted so deep in its B-pillar that we will have to wear car parts for the rest of our lives? The choice is ours.

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