5 Benefits of Flushing Your Motorcycle Engine Before an Oil Change

If you are following this page, it means that you are a discerning rider and discerning riders change their engine oil at regular intervals, correct?

But there are times when we are too busy or we completely forgot. Or in the case of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown forced workshops to close. At other times, you may also notice that your new oil looks black in the level window right after you have filled up. Did the mechanic stiff you? Not necessarily.

Here’s why flushing your engine once a while may benefit you:

1. Minimizes mixing of new oil with old oil

There are many places in the engine where oil can pool after you turn it off. Or, if your oil is so old, it has thickened and resists flow. So, the old oil stays in there and mixes with the new. Adding in an engine flush will thin the oil and make it flow easier, thereby allowing it to run down into the sump and be drained. Consequently, the adulteration of your new oil is minimized.

2. Removes stubborn deposits

Stop-go urban riding does not create enough pressure (due to low engine RPMs) to blow exhaust gases and soot out of the combustion chamber. This creates deposits in the oil. These deposits build up over time and will one day clog the oil passages in the engine and restrict oil flow (much like blocked arteries in our bodies). The overall outcome is exaggerated engine wear, power loss and increased fuel consumption. A good engine flush should clear out, if not dissolve the deposits.


3. Cleans up what the oil filter misses

The majority of oil filters capture particles as small as 25 microns (0.025 mm). However, there are even smaller particles circulating around the engine with the oil. Given time, these particles will band together to form larger deposits and sludge. Their party will soon spoil your fun. An engine flush should be able to separate them, making them easier to drain.

4. Cleans engine parts

There may be deposits on engine parts in older engines that an oil change will not get rid of. However, the compounds in an engine flush could break them up, leaving the parts cleaner. A cleaner engine returns loss power and fuel mileage, plus lower repair costs.

5. Gives the engine a new start

Flushing the engine works great if you have always missed your oil change, or if you have purchased a used bike. Or if your bike had just left the workshop after an engine rebuild. Using an engine flush will clear out whatever remaining deposits, so you do not have old gunk running around.

X-1R Engine Flush

The X-1R Engine Flush is specifically designed to break down harmful deposits such as sludge, gum, varnish, grit and others through the use of controlled action detergents. It is compatible with engine seals and gaskets, so there is no worry about them being corroded. Also, the X-1R Engine Flush is compatible with all lubricants in the market.

All you need to do is to first warm up your engine, pour in the correct amount of X-1R Engine Flush (120ml treats 5 litres of oil) directly into the sump, let the engine idle for 15 minutes and drain the oil. Refill with fresh oil and you are on your way.

The X-1R Engine Flush is used by major brands and dealerships worldwide, and the company even supplies lubricant to NASA. You can order it online here or visit our authorized dealers and workshops.

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