3 Reasons Why We Like X-1R’s Products

…besides X-1R being our sponsor, of which we have made no secret of.

The market is flooded with car additives, lubricants, flushes, etc.—most with lofty claims—and we understand why car owners think that all the benefits promised by the manufacturers are utter bull. Truth be told, many of them are.

And this is why we are pleased to be associated with X-1R. Here are the three reasons we like X-1R’s range of products and would recommend them for any car owner:

1) Certified Space Technology used by NASA

Over 20 years ago, X-1R was asked by NASA to create a lubricant for its massive crawlers, which transport rockets from the assembly building to the launchpad. The lubricant had to meet various strict and incredible criteria—eg. withstand extreme heat, long operating life, biodegradable, etc. Today, X-1R still supplies products to NASA and has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame and is a Certified Space Technology.

If it’s good enough for NASA, it certainly is good enough for us.

2) Proven results from third-party tests

Various X-1R products have been tested by independent or third-party laboratories, and have often come out on top.

Take for instance this one that was conducted on different octane booster brands in the US market. The research lab, Carmin, tested various octane boosters gotten off the retail shelves, and the results showed that X-1R’s octane booster outperformed the others by A LOT.

In another test, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tested the X-1R Engine Flush, Engine Treatment and Diesel Treatment on one of its buses used in regular service. The results found that the X-1R range of products outperformed even its own claims: the Engine Flush cleaned 91.37% better than normal oil draining; together, the products helped reduced fuel consumption by 13.95% instead of the claimed 7.5%; and if used on a fleet of 1000 buses, they could help save an estimated US$970,000 every year.

3) Major car manufacturers, dealers and distributors use them

X-1R products have been adopted by various automotive companies as part of their recommended preventative maintenance programme for their customers. In the Philippines, one of the fastest growing auto market in Asia, Hyundai and Nissan have even issued parts number for X-1R products, making them part of their regular inventory.

Read more about it: Approved by Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan and quite a few others.

Of course, there is the question that should have been asked first: Does my car need additives and flushes at all? Well, think of it as your body, which could probably get by without additional vitamins. But with them, your organ systems would function more efficiently and for longer. And if these vitamins do not cost very much at all and are easy to take, it makes good sense to incorporate them into your regular health routine.

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