28 Shocking Confessions of Uber Drivers

The next time you get into an Uber car, know that she/he could be harbouring some of the most scandalous thoughts, many involving YOU. 

Here are some confessions of Uber drivers, courtesy of the Whisper app.

Really, if you’re hot, you should be wary.


 Well, unless your Uber driver is just as hot.

They are not always the safest of drivers.

They eavesdrop.

Or unwittingly become part of a voyeuristic fantasy.

They piss in the car. 

They really don’t like you….

…unless you’re hot.

Sometimes you should be downright SCARED.


Who needs Ashley Madison when you can cheat and make money at the same time.

Careful though, cause sometimes karma strikes.

Of course, female drivers get the most unwanted attention and have to be extra careful. But lets face it, girls can also be just as creepy.


 And male drivers can be gentlemen too.

Even male drivers get sexually harassed.

Tips are REALLY important to them, so be ready to tip them well.


Cause sometimes they have to put up with the shittiest riders.


Occasionally, they prove to be good citizens of the world.

What are some of your experiences as an Uber driver?

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