150 Wacky and Wonderful Questions To Keep Your Road Trip Buddies From Nodding Off

road trip

Road trips are coming.

As the annual season of Ramadan comes to its closing, the family getaway (Balik Kampung) will soon start. In a fortnight or so, the great urban exodus shall commence, it’s road trip season.

Without fear, these travellers will brace themselves for the trek back to the respective kampungs which can stretch a tedious 9 to 14 hours.

Now, this quintessential family road trip that usually takes no more than 2-6 hours depending on the location, the journey is supposedly more memorable than the destination, or so they say.

But fear not, intrepid travellers, for we’ve concocted a veritable smorgasbord of 150 conversation starters to keep the car buzzing with banter and laughter.

From deep ruminations to frivolous “would you rather” scenarios, we’ve got it all covered, ensuring your journey is as entertaining as a circus on wheels. Let’s dive into discussions ranging from food to dreams, and when chatter fatigue sets in, fear not!

We’ve thrown in some simple road trip games to give your vocal cords a rest and keep the journey as lively as a  Teh-Tarik session.

road trip

Here are 150 Road Trip Conversation Starters

1. What three people no longer alive would you want to have a dinner party with?

2. How would you describe your perfect breakfast?

3. What songs would you put on a soundtrack for a movie about your life?

4. If you had to pick a new first and middle name, what would you choose and why?

5. Which sport do you wish you could be an  champion in?

6. How would you spend 1 million dollars?

7. What is the movie that defines your childhood?

8. What are the top three places on your bucket list to visit?

9. Are you a morning person or an evening person? Or do you find yourself somewhere in between?

10. What’s your alter ego? Give us an accurate description.

11. Where is the most romantic/fun place you’ve ever travelled to?

12. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

13. Would you rather lose your taste or hearing?

14. If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

15. What is your favourite memory from a family road trip?

16. Rank your top three favourite fast food restaurants.

17. What one tool would you want if you were stranded on a desert island?

18. Which transportation method is your favourite for a getaway?

19. Do you have any guilty pleasure?

20. What is the next place you would like to visit next?

21. If you could create your perfect camper van, what special features would you include for long road trips?

22. Would you rather commute daily on a bicycle or public transportation?

23. Which Malaysian famous person in all of history is your favourite?

24. Could you go without social media for a day? Are there any apps you could completely give up?

25. What are your top three travel tips for someone taking a long road trip?

26. Are you an adventurous backpacker exploring or a luxury traveller that never leaves a resort?

27. How many best friends have you had in your lifetime? What makes you call someone a best friend?

28. Are there any conspiracy theories that you find interesting?

29. What is your biggest motivation?

30. If you could be an expert at cooking one thing, what would you pick for your signature Malaysian  dish?

31. Who are your top three favourite musicians?

32. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? What was the worst?

33. Would you rather go bungee jumping or sky diving if you had to choose?

34. If you could create a home with a theme, what theme would you choose? 

35. What is the best holiday for food? 

36. Would you rather always be too hot or too cold?

37. Which musical instrument do you wish you were talented at?

38. Where is the best beach in this country you’ve ever visited? What makes it the best?

39. If you could move to any city in the world, which would you choose and why?

40. Does your car have a name? How did you come up with it?

41. What is your first beach holiday memory? What happened?

42. If you could read your pet’s mind for a few minutes, what would you like to know?

43. What is your favourite destination in Malaysia? 

44. Would you rather have an in-home spa or a live-in chef?

45. Who is your favourite artiste and why ? 

46. Which holiday could you do without? 

47. What do you miss about home when you are traveling? 

48. Would you rather have a pause button, a rewind, or a fast-forward button on life?

49. What was the last random act of kindness you received from a stranger?

50. Would you ever go diving? With who and where?

51. Are there any foods that you would never eat, even if someone paid you?

52. Which books have made an impact you? Are there any that you would recommend to everyone to read?

53. Talk about one of your most embarrassing moments.

54. What were your top three favourite toys from growing up?

55. Where is your dream camping destination?

56. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? What’s the worst advice someone has given you?

57. Using one word, how would you describe your home? What about your work life?

58. Do you like scary movies? What’s the scariest movie?

59. What are your favourite fruits and vegetables? Which ones do you hate? 

60. Who is your favorite Disney princess? What about your favorite Disney villain? 

61. Describe your strangest travel experience.

62. Name ten things you couldn’t live without in life. 

63. If you could pick any animal sidekick, which animal would you choose?

64. Would you rather watch the sunset or the sunrise? Where is the best one you’ve ever seen?

65. Do you prefer hot coffee or iced coffee? Why ?

66. What is the best dessert for after dinner? 

67. What would you pick if you could build a perfect five-course dinner? Describe the details.

68. Were your parents strict when you were growing up? What was the weirdest rule you remember?

69. What posters did you have on your wall when you were a teenager? 

70. If you could pick any actors to be your parents, who would you pick? 

71. Which reality show do you think you would do best at? 

72. Do you think aliens exist? What do you think they look like?

73. Which part of you is most attractive?

74. What kind of exercise is your favourite? What types do you wish to try in the future?

75. How do you feel about reptiles? Which is your favourite?

76. Which popular trend today will you never get on board with?

77. Are you a dog person or a cat person? .. or others? why?

78. What skills do you have to help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

79. What is your zodiac sign? Does it accurately describe your personality?

80. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? What would be the first thing you’d do with it?

81. What is your favourite theme park? What is the scariest ride you’ve been on?

82. Would you rather live deep under the sea for a year in a submarine or float in outer space on a rocket?

83. Describe your dream vehicle. Be as detailed as possible, money is no object.

84. Which friend’s house would you rather in for a long time and why?

85. Your car radio was stuck on one song in a long car ride, pick the song you would listen to over and over.

86. Have you ever had an encounter with a famous person? Who do you wish you could meet?

87. What is your favourite thing to do on your day off? Do you like relaxing or getting things done?

88. Which household chore is your favourite to do? Which one do you wish you never had to do again?

89. Which family tradition is your favourite? Do you know where it started?

90. Describe your dream home. How big would you want it?

91. What is your favourite TV show you would watch during the holiday season?

92. What was your dream job when you were a kid? Why?

93. Do you think that you 10 years ago would believe where you are in your life today? 

94. If your given a choice to receive a gift, what would it be and why?

95. What are your favourite rainy and sunny day activity?

96. If you were stuck on earth with just five people, who would you choose and why?

97. What is the strangest tourist attraction you’ve ever visited?

98. Who has had a big influence on your life? Have you ever thanked them?

99. What movie or TV show made you cry the hardest?

100. If you could join any TV family, which would you pick? 

101. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had a real-life encounter?

102. What is the best large purchase you’ve made? What is the worst?

103. Are there any words people use to describe you that you disagree with?

104. What is your dream pet if you could choose any animal?

105. Have you ever broken the law? Did you get caught?

106. Who was your teenage crush? Have you looked up where they are today?

107. If you had access to a time machine for a day, where would you go, and why ?

108. What foreign language do you wish you were fluent in?

109. Do you have a relative from long ago that you wish you could meet and why ? 

110. What would you choose if you could automate a daily routine so you never had to do it anymore?

111. What place in the world have you felt most at peace in your life?

112. Are there any bands you wish you could see live? Do you have any bucket list?

113. Do you have any heroes? What makes someone a hero, in your opinion?

114. What are your favourite non-profits and causes that you try and support? 

115. Do you hold grudges? Is forgiveness easy for you?

116. If you wrote a book, what would you title it?

117. Are there any of your friends that you wish you could reconnect with from your past? 

118. Would you rather be able to have x-ray vision or super powerful hearing and why?

119. When was the last time you spent a full 24 hours without the internet?

120. Are you looking forward to getting older and why? What part of getting older are you most afraid of?

121. Would you rather go on a jungle safari or scuba dive?

122. What would you wish for if you found a genie’s lamp and received three wishes?

123. Do you believe people have spirit animals? If so, what is yours?

124. What sport do you enjoy watching the most? What is the best game you’ve ever seen?

125. Are there any quotes or sayings that you live by? Do you have a mantra?

126. What hopes do you have for the next generation? 

127. What is your favourite spice to cook with or eat?

128. Have you ever had your heart broken? What is the best medicine to heal a broken heart?

129. Do you know where your ancestors are from? Do you feel connected to those places?

130. What are your biggest pet peeves?

131. What is the best costume you’ve ever had? Are there any that you want to do in the future?

132. Describe your favourite drink and where you like to drink it.

133. Are there any landmarks or cities you do not want to visit? Are there any that you think are too overrated?

134. Would you rather be a politician or a member of the royal family?

135. Do you remember your dreams? What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

136. Have you ever laughed so hard that something came out of your nose? What was so funny?

137. Is there anyone you “hate follow” on social media and why? 

138. What is your favourite word? Explain why you love it so much.

139. Is there anything you’re petty about? 

140. What scares you most about the world right now? 

141. If you could open any type of restaurant, what cuisine would you serve? What theme would it be?

142. Where do you see yourself in five years? What about twenty years?

143. Would you rather go the rest of your life without a life partner and why?

144. Do you think hotdogs are sandwiches? Is cereal soup? 

145. What is your favourite smell? Why do you think you love it so much?

146. What is your smell do hate the most?

147. Are there any religions you wish you knew more about?

148. Describe your perfect weekend. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with?

149. Do you like celebrating your birthday? What has been your favourite birthday?

150. If you could be invisible for an entire day, where would you go, and what would you do?

Once the questions are done and if you fancy a bit of friendly competition, here are some top games and entertainment options for long car rides.

road trip


Engage in a round of spontaneous trivia challenges, where each person takes turns quizzing the group on random facts. Tailor the questions to specific themes or landmarks along your journey. It’s a fun way to discover quirky tidbits and inject a bit of friendly competition into the mix.


When conversation fatigue sets in, opt for road trip games that require observing the scenery outside. Engage in a classic game of I Spy or compete to spot letters of the alphabet or unique license plates the quickest. It’s a refreshing break from chatter that keeps everyone entertained and engaged.

Road Trip Bingo

Car Bingo has proven to be a hit, particularly with younger passengers. Access printable bingo cards online or craft your own. Participants mark off items like street signs, roadside attractions, or specific car colors/models as they spot them, striving to complete a row first for victory. Once a winner emerges, reset and commence the game anew for endless entertainment on the road.

Have fun on your upcoming road trip!

road trip
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