10 Weird Christmas Gifts for Petrolheads

The likes of a petrolhead is quite different from those of common folks; if you are one or have one as a friend, you’d understand. This list will surely come in handy if you’re still looking for a Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts:

  1. CarLashes

car lashes

A little cosmetics turns this car into a beauty, even it is already a gorgeously styled sedan. CarLashes is a set of 8.5-inch-long plastic eyelashes that uses a double-sided adhesive to attach to the space above the car’s headlights. What’s great is that the adhesive won’t damage the car’s finish when you remove them.

  1. Auto-Mixing Travel Mug

Auto-Mixing Travel Mug

      Forget the Starbucks drive-thru. With this Auto-Mixing Travel Mug, you can mix up sports drinks, baby formula or any blended beverage instantly. The tumbler comes with a leak-proof cap and the mixer just needs two AAA batteries to work.

  1. Instacloth


      Use only an inch-long space for towels and napkins. This tiny pill-like cloth grows to a full-size wipe with a mere splash of water. It is a nice accompaniment to the Auto-Mixing Travel Mug, isn’t it? It’s time to go minimalist!!

  1. 12-Volt Portable Oven and Pizza Maker 

      12-Volt Portable Oven and Pizza Maker


If your friend is always getting stuck in traffic, this 12-Volt Oven and Pizza Maker will surely be his/her favourite travelling companion. Just bring along oven-safe cookware and s/he can enjoy pizzas or hamburgers in the car on the way home. It goes up to 310°F so beware of hot content!

  1. Drivemocion LED car sign

  1. Drivemocion LED car sign

Gift a Drivemocion LED car sign so your friend has no need to raise the middle finger at the person who almosts sideswipes him/her. Attach it to a rear window and it can display one of five animated facial expressions to passing vehicles. The face on display can be changed using a remote control.

  1. AutoSport Console Cushion

AutoSport Console Cushion

      Made with a memory-foam top and a polyurethane bottom, this removable cushion converts the car’s center console into a recliner. The microfibre cover can be removed for washing, so don’t worry about spilling coffee on it. It can also be used in other creative ways, such as a pillow for a lunch-hour nap or a stress ball.

  1. Hello Kitty Exhaust Tailpipe

      Hello kitty exhaust tailpipe

      If you would like to invoke some childhood memories (although, we doubt it), this is the gift for him/her – a Universal Hello Kitty Exhaust Tailpipe. Made with stainless steel, it is shaped like the head of the mouthless cat, complete with whiskers, and attaches to the car’s exhaust pipe. Now, s/he is a Hello Kitty fan again.

  1. Photoblocker license plate spray

Photoblocker license plate spray


      Beware! This spray is only suitable to be a gifted to someone whom you want caught for breaking the law. This Photoblocker license plate spray produces a highly reflective gloss that foils red-light and speed cameras, as it causes any image of your license plate to become overexposed. Since it is clearly illegal, please think twice before you choose the recipient of this gift.

  1. Steering Wheel Eating Tray
  2. Steering Wheel Eating Tray

      If your petrolhead friend loves to eat inside the car, this one is for him/her! With this Steering Wheel Eating Tray, which clips right onto the wheel of your car, he can enjoy the in-restaurant experience! Its sturdy plastic construction enables it to support a laptop or several foot-long sub sandwiches. It is definitely not designed to be used while driving, so make sure your friend doesn’t try to do that.

  1. To Go Dog Travel Bowl

      To Go Dog Travel Bowl

      This is for the petrolhead who has a four-legged passenger. The To Go Dog Travel Bowl fits right into the car’s cup holder, so the furry one can take a sip whenever it feels thirsty. Also, the bowl easily transitions from the car’s cup holder to the ground by removing the cup holder’s base.


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