10 Tips For An Adventure Ride- Part 2

Here are five more tips to your adventure ride…If you haven’t read Part 1, click here.

6. Learn dirt riding

Being able to ride in the dirt prepares you physically and mentally to tackle the loose stuff, thereby providing you the confidence to ride on any type of surface. Consequently, you are more likely to explore. Also, practice how to pick your bike back up in the dirt.

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7. Travel light

You may have large-capacity panniers, top case and tank bag but you do not have to bring everything. The extra weight will cause you many more problems than the things you’d thought “could come in handy” would solve.

Image source: eveRide ADV Channel

8. Fit new consumables

Remember that you are going to explore some unknown places and not riding to Starbucks. Do fit new, high-quality brake pads, tyres, cables, wheel bearings, chain, sprockets, oil and oil filter. If your adventure bike uses wire-spoked wheels and tyres with inner tubes, do fit new, heavy-duty ones.

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9. Be positive about the unexpected

You may get held up by an unexpected local carnival or celebrations. Or the GPS goes crazy due to solar flares. Or a petrol station sells only low octane fuel. Just take it easy and look at the experience through positive lens. Sometimes you will find that things not working out leads to other adventures.

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10. Learn some local lingo

Knowing the local greetings will help break the ice and get you out of most difficulties, especially when dealing with the authorities. Locals are likelier to help someone who puts in the effort to learn their language.

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