10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Toyota!

Automologist HAROLD educates us on the world’s most beloved brand. 

You might be an avid Toyota customer and lover, but how much do you really know about the company that produces them? Here are 10 interesting facts we compiled for you, many of which will surprise you.

1. Toyota’s initial business was not cars but textile.

Really? Sometime in 1924, Toyota’s original founder, Sakichi Toyoda, started Toyota Automatic Loom Works Ltd selling his perfected invention—the automatic looms. The company diversified to include vehicles and engines and is now known as Toyota Industries Corporation.

2. The first Toyota vehicle was produced in 1936!

The first-ever Toyota vehicle produced was called the Model AA in 1936, which propelled the birth of Toyota Motor Company in 1937!

3. Toyota was initially called Toyoda

The original company was called “Toyoda” after its founder, Sakichi Toyoda. The spelling was later changed to Toyota because it only took 8 strokes to write it in Japanese, compared to 10 strokes for Toyoda. Eight is a lucky number in the Japanese culture hence the name of choice: Toyota.

4. There is a city named after Toyota.

The Japanese city of Koromo changed its name to Toyota City in 1959, after the town’s major employer, Toyota Motor Corporation. Isn’t that cool?

5. Toyota produced some of the world’s most durable cars!

Toyotas are built for durability and reliability, contrary to the bad press particularly in the European and American markets. 80% of the cars that were sold 20 years ago are still active and on the road today. I once had a 1990 Toyota Forerunner and it was still on the road in 2010. Impressive, right?

6. Toyota was the first company in the world to produce over 10 million cars in 1 year.

This 10 million-car achievement was pretty recent—in 2013. This goes to show just how popular Toyotas are!

7. Toyota is the No.1 selling car brand in Australia and the Philippines for 20 years.

25 years as Australia’s and the Philippines’ favourite automotive brand, and 20 of them as the #1 selling brand since 2002. Last year in 2022, Toyota took 51% of the market share for vehicle sales in the Philippines.

8. An average of one Toyota Corolla is sold every 27 seconds globally!

You read it correctly! One Corolla is sold globally every 27 seconds! Since 1996, Toyota has made and sold a Corolla every 37 seconds, which reduced to 27 seconds in 2013, showcasing the absolute popularity of the world’s favourite car. In fact, in 2012 the Corolla had amassed over US$40 billion in sales, making it the best-selling car of all time!

9. The Land Cruiser is the brand’s longest-running series.

70 years after the first one was produced, the Toyota LandCruiser is Toyota’s longest-running series and has been in production since 1951.

10. Celica was the first mass-produced Toyota sports car!

It was mass produced starting from 1970 and production ran until 2006. While they’re no longer making the Toyota Celica, it’s still a favorite car among vehicle enthusiasts.

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