X-1R helps cars cruise through Songkran Drive 2016

Once again, X-1R became a proud sponsor for the BMW Society of Malaysia (BSM), this time in the SONGKRAN DRIVE 2016 – PHUKET, in conjuction with the New Year celebration in Thailand. The occasion involved an about 959-kilometre drive from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, and the members of BSM was joined by friends from Club Audi Malaysia (CAM) on the journey.

The drive started on the night of 14 April (Thursday) to Changlun, Kedah, and continued on the morning of 15 April, past the Malaysia-Thai border and onward to Phuket. The contingent of car club members arrived at Phuket at 9:30pm.

Hello, Phuket!

The participants had used X-1R’s Octane Booster and noticed that their cars were smoother, felt “lighter” and had better acceleration. Diesel cars had used X-1R’s Diesel System Cleaner and also noticed that their engines were quieter and had a surprisingly better response. Various BMW models, including the E30, E90 and M3, the Volkswagen Scirocco R and Audi A5 & Q5 were used during the Songkran Drive, and X-1R helped bring out better performance and improved fuel consumption in them.


Satisfied Octane Booster user.
A Diesel System Cleaner user who was surprised at the improved performance of his car.

The return journey started on 18 April (Monday) and everyone safely arrived back in Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of 19 April.

An X-1R representative (right) receiving a token of appreciation.
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