X-1R Go-Kart Enduro: Racing To The Finale!

Come 1 December 2013, the X-1R Go-Kart Enduro Series 3 and 4 will take place in the Sepang Go-Kart Circuit.

30 car clubs are expected to participate (maximum of 2 entry per series) in the endurance style races which will last for an hour each. There will be 3 drivers per team. The 3 winning teams from each series will qualify for the Grand Finale at the end of the year.

Subsequently, if fun could get ‘funner’, drivers from the top 3 teams (6 individuals) will be able to participate in the ‘X-1R 1ndividual Race’ and compete against X-1R’s all-star lineup, which includes Tengku Djan, Nurul Alis (Kiki), & Lina Johor, in a 15-lap sprint race. These celebrities are not to be underestimated; even master drifter Tengku Djan excepting, they might surprise everyone on that day.

Further to that, there will be a ‘Best of the Best Car Competition’. Each car club will nominate 3 cars and the celebrities will play judges to pick what they deem are the best 3 (yes, a lot of ‘3’s happening on that day).

Meanwhile, for a taste of what is to come, check out what happened during the earlier series:

For more information, contact Amir [email protected] or Afham [email protected]

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