World’s Safest Plane Crashes at World’s Busiest Airport

Automologist Harold was about 5 kilometers away when the crash happened.

One of the world’s safest aircraft, the Boeing 777, of Flight EK 521 of Emirates Airlines – the world’s biggest airline in terms of international routes and largest operator of Boeing wide-body jets and of the superjumbo Airbus 380 – crash landed in Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passengers, at 12:45 pm yesterday.

Safest indeed – all 282 passengers and 18 crew members survived, with some minor injuries, thanks to the Emirates’ well-trained crew and the very efficient rescue by the Dubai International Airport. But passengers interviewed are still recovering from the panic and trauma of the near-death experience.

As of writing, the cause of the crash has yet to be ascertained; one passenger, Abraham Thomas, said the aircraft touched down smoothly on the runway, but he then immediately saw the right engine catch fire. Some people at the airport, based on smartphone footage, saw the plane’s right engine detach from the plane when it landed, causing it to taxi on the runway on its belly as large plumes of smoke and an explosion followed. A firefighter, Jasem Al Beloushi, died in the firefighting efforts. Condolences to his family and we salute his ultimate sacrifice that kept many from harm.

Truth be told, in my many years of flying, I don’t listen anymore to the boring safety demonstrations before a flight takes off and I often wondered if the safety slides are really of any real use. Now, I am a believer.

The only safety demonstration that I have not forgotten was when I was travelling via Delta Airways in the USA and the flight purser made the announcement: “PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY AND DON’T DISREGARD THIS SAFETY DEMONSTRATION, BECAUSE THIS COULD BE YOUR LAST.”

I now believe in the importance of the pre-flight safety announcements; it is true: better safe, than sorry!

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