World’s Largest Luxury Car Vending Machine Opens in Singapore

And what it dispenses costs much, MUCH, MUCH more than a chocolate bar. 

Car vending machines are nothing new. There was this one in Nashville and this one in China, which made the news and our blog a few years ago. But this time, this one is bigger, and it dispenses luxury cars only. Located in our neighbouring country, Singapore, where the rich goes to live and play, it makes sense that Autobahn Motors wanted a glass car vending machine; if you had 60 beautiful machines – Ferrari’s, Porshe’s, Bentley’s and the like – in your stockpile, it would be a pity…no, a SIN…to keep them in a warehouse under covers, when it can be displayed for all to admire…and covet.

When speaking to Reuters, General Manager of Autobahn Motors, Gary Hong, said that the intention was to make efficient use of space, which is so scarce in Singapore, as well as help them stand out from the competition.

Customers would certainly have a unique experience. They would select the car of choice from a touchscreen display on the ground floor, and the Automotive Inventory Management System (AIMS) retrieves and delivers the car with spotlight, turntable and all – all in under two minutes. This video shows you how it done:

Looks ridiculously simply, doesn’t it? But we’re quite sure it isn’t.

Certainly one can argue that it is a glorified automated multi-tiered parking lot. Perhaps it is. In fact, Autobahn Motors has been approached by developers who are interested in using AIMS as a parking system. And why not. In land-scarce cities, we have heard of small greasy parking spaces going for exorbitant prices (like this one in New York, this one in Australia, this one in London and this one in Hong Kong). And if a luxury car dealer wants to merge parking lot, warehouse, inventory system, marketing gimmick and novelty into one, we simply tip our hat to it.

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