Why Women Are Better Drivers Than You Think

Bad drivers are synonymous with female drivers. Our Automologists (especially the females) are fed-up with the perception that their kind are bad at driving. Here are EIGHT reasons why women are actually better drivers than you’d think:

We don’t mean to bash male drivers, but to prove our point, comparisons to the other gender had to be made. Jangan marah, ya!

1. Most traffic accidents involve NOT women

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research confirmed this. In statistics that it gathered in 2009, it found that male drivers were 2.4 times more likely to be involved in accidents.


2. Most traffic fatalities involve NOT women

According to the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2015, only 29% of traffic casualties were women. Between the years 1975 and 2015, twice as many men died in traffic accidents than women.

Granted, #1 and #2 are partially because men clock more hours driving than women, which means they are more inclined to be involved in accidents, but…

3. Women are more risk-averse

Women are less inclined to engage in risky behavior; for instance, women are less likely to drive when drowsy and thus less likely to fall asleep behind the wheel. National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll in 2002, and results showed that 45% of women vs 56% of men would drive while drowsy. Also, ladies are less likely to drive while intoxicated.

4. Insurance companies agree

Women generally pay less for car insurance in their lifetime because they are less aggressive on the road and get into fewer accidents. CBSNews reported that over their lifetime, men could pay up to US$15,000 more for auto insurance.

5. Women influence/make majority of car purchasing decisions

According to one report, women influence 95% of all car purchasing decisions, and make 65% of all new car purchases and 53% of used car purchases. Women also conduct more extensive research and drive harder bargains; they might not know much about the technical performance of the vehicle, but they ask more probing questions about reliability, practicality and price. So, shall we say that men and women are equally knowledgeable about the cars they drive, just regarding different aspects?

Women are taking the wheel in buying wheels.


6. They are not overconfident behind the wheel

In a 2012 survey of UK drivers, 51% of men think that they are safer than the average driver while only 39% of women think the same. This is despite the statistics on road accidents and fatality do not support this perception.

On the other hand, lack of confidence in women could be the reason why they end up in fender benders. However, women should realise that…

7. They make fewer mistakes behind the wheel

A small study which observed cars at Hyde Park Corner, London found that women made far fewer typical mistakes, such as tailgating and cutting into traffic dangerously, AND they are generally more courteous to other road users.

And last but not least…

8. This lady is living proof


So, men, the next time someone says that you “drive like a girl”, say “Thank you!”. And ladies, if anyone doubts your driving abilities…


images: wifflegif.com; Pinterest; 4Gifs.com; Tumblr

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