Whose Silver Wraith are you?

For most of its existence, Rolls-Royce has been amongst the most exclusive cars in the automotive world. For some people out there, a regular “Rolls” is just simply not enough; luxury car dealer H.R.Owen is now proudly displaying a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith designed by none other than rock legend, Roger Daltry, the lead singer from legendary British rock band, The Who.

Right to left: Roger Daltry, Giles Martin, Sir Francis Rossi and Nick Mason
The Tommy bonnet (shouldn’t have to explain that title)

Daltry didn’t just customise the car to his own personal tastes, but worked with Rolls-Royce bespoke designers and CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos to create what has to be ultimate collectible rock memorabilia. In total, there will be nine special Wraiths produced: two from Daltry, along with others from the likes of Ray Davies of Kinks, Shirley Bassey, Francis Rossi of Status Quo, and Ronnie Woods of Faces fame but who is now one of the Rolling Stones, of course. Nick Mason, drummer and founding member of Pink Floyd also gets a look in as does Giles Martin, son of the late George Martin, who also designed one for his late father. And if you are thinking who is that, then, well, Martin Senior was pretty much the fifth Beatle.

The cars will be sold at auction later in the year, with a sizeable portion of the proceeds going to the artists’ favourite charities. Daltry was enthusiastic about his work on the project, along with the charitable element, and said in a recent interview:

“I am enormously excited at the prospect of raising vital funds and awareness for The Teenage Cancer Trust in collaboration with Rolls-Royce, a true British icon. The themes, so perfectly expressed by the Rolls-Royce designers in this car, are as relevant today as they were when we first performed them. I worked hard with the designers to capture the spirit of our songs and what their lyrics mean to fans of all generations. I’m certain the car will serve as the ultimate collector’s piece.”

Roger Daltry with Ray Davies

We sort of hope that the Hard Rock Hotels group will wade in and buy some for ferrying their guests around; at least that way, some of us mere mortals may one day get to see one, if not bum a lift to the airport…

Baked Beans will not feature in any of the cars……


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