What is the Top Selling Car so far this year?

Yup, it’s the Ford F-Series. 

Results just published by JATO gives the title of planet’s bestselling vehicle thus far this year to the Ford F-Series. With sales of 519,000 since January, a 9% increase over last year, the mighty Ford has outsold the Toyota Corolla by almost 50,000 units, beating it into second place.

The F-Series pick-up was joined on the global Top 20 by two other full-sized pick-ups—the Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado—which were in 11th and 15th place respectively. Hidden behind the numbers for these full-sized pick-up families, though, is the fact that the overwhelming majority of their sales were generated in the US of A, with 80% for the Ford and Dodge, and 90% for the Silverado.

Taken from JATO Dynamics Tweet.

The list is not completely American-centric, though, with a number of vehicles that make the global Top 20 not even on sale in the US of A. Of note are the VW Polo and the Wuling Hongguang, neither of which will you find in an American showroom and both of which have sold about 300,000 around the globe so far this year. The humble VW Golf, Number 3 on the global list, only generates about 10% of its global volume from the US, so you don’t have to make it big in New York to make it elsewhere, it would seem. However, the Nissan X-Trail (aka Rogue in Americaland) is one vehicle that has conquered both America and the rest of the world, making it the most popular SUV in the world at the moment. The list also points out some other interesting trends in global buying patterns, with 50% of the cars in the Top 10 being SUVs, so being the top one of these may really account for something.

Last year, Ford conquered the global sports car segment when it started to take the Mustang global, even though it is more of a sports sedan. Now, if only it would sell us the Ford F-150 Raptor in South East Asia, perhaps then we may get on-board with the F-Series as well.

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